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Structures & Dynamics at University of Mississippi
Keyence VHX-600E digital microscope

digital microscope

The VHX-600E digital microscope produces sharper, high resolution observation images by applying optical and digital technologies to the processes from lighting to image generation. This microscope provides a depth of field at least 20 times larger than optical microscopes. Thus, the VHX-600 can accurately observe a target (even with a large height difference) that could not be focused on with conventional microscopes. It includes a UXGA (1600 x 1200 pixels) high-resolution 15-inch LCD monitor which displays the observed images as well as the measurement information. Displayed images can be saved onto the integrated HDD or CD-R/RW drive. The VHX-600 microscope offers real-time measurement of the distance, radius, angle and area of a target on the monitor screen. It can measure a target repeatedly while changing the visual field. This function is useful for measurement at various positions of a target. The area measurement and surface-profile capturing capability of this digital microscope has been applied in research work for surface roughness estimation of the fractured specimens.

Available magnification steps: 20x, 30x, 50x, 100x, 150x, 200x, 500x, 1000x, 2000x, 3000x, 4000x and 5000x

The VHX-600 creates a 3D image based on automatically captured images, and it calculates height profile data on a desired measuring line. The digital microscope enables the study of fracture surfaces and determination of height, width and height difference data on a measuring line. Thus, arbitrary cross-section profiles on 3D images and a volume surrounded with the rectangle on a 3D image can be measured. Image analysis software based on the Depth from Defocus (D.F.D) method, provides a way of obtaining 3D depth data through analysis of defocus of 2D images. Even if a completely focused image cannot be captured, the VHX-600 Series calculates a height difference of the target. Thus, the VHX-600 Series enables depth composition and 3D image display by using less sample images than conventional microscopes, resulting in improved efficiency.

Dynatup 8250 Instrumented Low-Velocity Impact Tester
impact testing

The low-velocity impact response (up to 3.7 m/sec) of a variety of materials and components can be tested with charpy, izod or punch-shear test fixtures. Load vs deflection data up to failure can be plotted for each of the impact tested samples.

The corresponding cumulative energy absorption is generated using Trapezoidal numerical integration method. Data from these tests can then be used in the evaluation of material or component performance. Non-ambient impact testing is possible through use of an environmental chamber.


  Gravity Driven Pneumatically Assisted
Impact energy (Joules) 0.6 - 303 16.2 - 840
Impact Velocity (m/sec) 1 - 3.66 3.66 - 13.41
Load range (lb) 50 50
Specimen size (minimum) 4"x4" 4"x4"
810 Servo-Hydraulic Material Testing System
materials tester

The 810 Material Testing System delivers a broad array of testing capabilities for both low and high force static and dynamic testing. By selecting from a variety of force capacities, servo valve flow ratings pump capacities, software, and accessories, the floor-standing 810 system can easily be configured to meet specific material or component testing needs.

The 810 system features:

  • Force ranges from 25 Kn (5.5 kip) (Model: 661.19E-04) to 100 kN (22 kip) (Model: 661.20E-03) and displacement ranges of + 10 cm (+/ - 4 inches).
  • The ability to test materials ranging in strength from plastics to aluminum, composites and steel according to ASTM Standards- D 3039/D 3039M-00; C 365/C 365M-05; D 1621-04a; D5023;D3518; D2344; D790-03 and D5379M-05.
  • A large test space to accommodate standard, medium and large size specimens, grips, fixtures and environmental subsystem.
  • Extensometer allows measurement of axial and lateral strains for determining material Poisson's ratio.
  • Capability to perform a wide variety of test types from tensile, compression, and bend, to high cycle & thermal-mechanical fatigue testing, fracture mechanics, environmental testing, bio-medical testing, high temperature testing and durability of components.