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  • Modal Analysis
    Modal Analysis

    Mechanical Engineering senior Jordan Klocke performing a vibration modal analysis experiment in the undergraduate Structures and Dynamics lab with instructor Damian Stoddard

  • Low Velocity Impact Testing: Dynatup
    Low Velocity Impact Testing: Dynatup

    Instructor Damian Stoddard and Kiyun Kim perform low velocity impact test on cementitious materials

  • Dr. Raj working in a tunnel
    Materials for Blast Protection

    Mechanical Engineering professor Dr. Raj examines a panel fractured during an experiment on blast loading inside the blast tank in his lab

  • Students bend metal tubes
    The Last Tubebender

    Mechanical Engineering students bend metal tubes into shape for a fabrication project

  • Students attend a welding class
    Bonding Experience

    Mechanical Engineering students attend a welding class offered by machine shop supervisor Matt Lowe

  • Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar
    Split-Hopkinson Pressure Bar

    Doctoral student Brahma Pramanik performs high-strain rate indirect tensile testing of a nano-composite material using a Laser Occluding Expansion Gage developed for his dissertation.

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