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Mechanical Engineering: Graduate Program
Graduate Program

The graduate program of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at The University of Mississippi is concentrated in several main areas: thermosciences, fluid dynamics, materials science, dynamics, vibrations, and composite materials. The graduate program founded on the principles of engineering science which allow students an opportunity for flexibility and selectivity in pursuing studies. A spectrum of in-depth courses is available to graduate students who are afforded the opportunity of environment of low student-faculty ratio and of working with nationally and internationally respected faculty.

Master of Science (M. S.), Thesis Option
  • Course Work Requirements: 24 Semester Hours
  • Thesis (minimum of 6 semester hours granted for completion of Thesis)
  • Final Oral Defense Examination
Master of Science (M. S.), Non-Thesis Option
  • Course Work Requirements: 27 Semester Hours
  • Design or Research Project: 3 Semester Hours
  • Final Comprehensive Examination
Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
  • Course Work Requirements: 30 Semester Hours past M. S. and 12 hours of pre-dissertation research
  • Graduate Record Examination: 1000 composite score (verbal plus quantitative)
  • Comprehensive Exam: written and oral
  • Dissertation (minimum of 18 semester hours granted for completion of Dissertation)
  • Final Doctoral Oral Examination